This House is Fossil Fuel Free – Pt 1

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This House Is Fossil Fuel Free – Pt 1

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Nothing says Toronto like this house, right? It’s a pretty typical brick semi-detached with a bay window and a front porch. You see these everywhere from the East to the West. This one is different. This one does not use fossil fuels.

After a year of construction and a year of planning before that, we are proud to announce that this beaches duplex reno is coming to an end.

We thought it would be interesting to share how we went deep green with this reno and what that looks like on the inside and out.


This Beaches home was a single family detached when the project began. The envelope was in more or less original condition so by the time we started it was drafty, leaky, and as such inefficient to heat and cool. The homeowners had been in the house since ’99 and were ready to adapt the house to their lifestyle. At the forefront of this undertaking was the desire to transform this old house into a highly efficient building and an opportunity to dive in to an educational collaborative design process.

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This is the house before we started. White stucco was caked all over the front and heavy concrete columns held up the front porch


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The back of the house was painted brick



The homeowners knew that with any upgrades to the building envelope their house could only get better. The challenge was understanding the options and employing the most effective combination of improvements to get a great result. We knew that Passive House standards were difficult to achieve with renovations but decided to aim high and set ourselves up to get as close as possible without compromising the family’s enjoyment of the house.
We soon came up against an interesting design priority that challenged our idea of green design but was a must-have for our clients.