Update your Ikea Sofa -don’t curb it!

Daniel Hall |

Update Your Ikea Sofa -don’t Curb It

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Chances are you’ve seen this sofa. The Ikea Ektorp is super popular. It basically looks like the cartoon shape of a sofa. Families all over the city have them in various states of wear. The renovation process isn’t really over when we archive the project and wrap up our final punch list for the contractor. Once we finish, it’s time to furnish and display. At this stage the budget might be burnt out and the clients may well be suffering from decision fatigue. The old Ektorp gets moved back in to the new space and surprise, it looks totally out of place in the upgraded interior.

I tend to rant in the office about the fact that Ikea makes products that people love to buy and don’t think hard about throwing out. It’s hard to wrap up a green renovation where every consideration has been made to use materials or methods that are most environmentally conscious and then know that your clients are going off to Ikea to buy future garbage to furniture their interiors. I understand that budgets run out and people need affordable furniture so I am relieved that there are efforts being made to give longevity to Ikea furniture in particular.

I am happy to announce a new discovery that will help breathe new life into tired Ikea furnishings! The old Ektorp doesn’t need to be curbed or replaced but rather repackaged in a new cover. Swedish company Bemz makes covers that fit on Ikea furniture. For around $350 a Panama cotton cover in Ivy could look new, customized, and totally at home in an updated Living Room. The cover is washable, made in Europe, and pre-shrunk. Surely if the Swedes are doing it, there is a more locally available option either in operation or on the horizon. Many colours, patterns, and textures are available to browse on the Bemz website. See Bemz.com for more.