Basic Tile is Great

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Basic Tile is Great

Basic Tile

We are lucky to live in a city full of tiles from all over the world -not to mention many great outlet stores. However, classic tile shapes and colours are commonly chosen for their understated aesthetic and low cost. Some of our favourites are squares, rectangles, and hexagons. Basic tile is great for playing with colour and patterning. Let me show you the pleasure of basic tiles.

Square is not boring

I love square tile. Whether it’s 2×2 mosaic or 6×6 in a staggered pattern, squares are tidy choice for bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes, or floors.
Square tile can look ultra modern, clinical, graphic, or old school depending on the colour and pattern you choose.

Locally I lean on Olympia’s Colour and Dimension series for plain coloured glossy or matte options in squares and rectangles. Stone Tile often has great colours and interesting textures in their Clearance Centre.

Subway Tiles

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You’ve seen them all over the place and wonder if you’d use them in your home. Are they played out? Are they uninteresting? Well, they can be but they can also be the perfect shape to create all kind of patterns with. The typical 3×6 size is super easy to work with and many subway tiles even have the spacers built in -perfect if you are thinking tiling is a DIY project. We’ve used the 2×8 rectangles from Olympia to create a timeless herringbone pattern for a kitchen backsplash and Powder Room wainscotting.

Hexagonal Tile

Soon to run Subway Tile out of the game in popularity is the hex tile. Like the square and rectangular tiles, the hex pops against contrasting grout for a graphic pattern or can be used with colour matched grout for a continuous textured effect. Hexagonal tile looks great in black and white and makes for a charming turn of the century accent when installed as a doormat in a front entry.

For Bathrooms, if tiny tiles seem like a cleaning nightmare, opt for larger scale hexagons. In natural greys they look amazing with wood and black metal accents.

See our company Pinterest board of Great Basic Tile for more ideas and inspiration.

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