Pre-Purchase Reno Review

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Pre-purchase Reno Review

Thinking of Buying a House?

Architect Daniel Hall, O.A.A., LEED AP specializes in Green Design and renovations to older houses. With over 30 years of building experience Daniel can answer all your questions in a personally tailored Pre-purchase Reno Review before you make an offer.

Do you like the character and qualities of an older house in an established neighbourhood but worry about maintenance and how a 50 – 100 year old house can suit the needs of a 21st century family? Do you love the bright, fresh look of the ‘flipped’ houses on the market, but worry about what you can’t see behind the mosaic tiles and engineered floor? How many times have you been told that this house was built for the Builder’s Mother, Brother, Cousin… but they couldn’t move in so it’s up for sale?

Of course you know it’s foolish to pay the price for someone else’s reno mistakes or where they cut corners to make a quick buck flipping the house. When you’re in charge of the reno, you’ll know that your money will be spent on the things that matter most to you and not wasted on the frills you don’t need.
Let us help you picture what that ‘fixer-upper’ could become BEFORE you make an offer. Avoid the stress and disappointment of buying a ‘money-pit’.

With the right tools, you can turn a solid old house into a bright, airy, modern home. Your home should be healthy, comfortable and most importantly – a beautiful place to be. That’s what we call Green Design and it’s what we do best.
Take advantage of our Pre-Purchase Reno Review before you make your offer. We’ll show you how you might transform that old house into your dream home. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing what you’re really getting when you make an offer to purchase.

Here’s how it works…

  • You or your Realtor let us know that you’re actively looking to purchase a house that might need renovations.
  • We’ll send you a copy of our Guide to Planning a Renovation. We wrote it to help people like you make the important decisions more confidently.
  • Give us 24 hours notice of your appointment to view the house.
  • We’ll begin with a short meeting before seeing the house so I can learn:
    • What you need in your new home.
    • What your ‘wish-list’ includes.
    • What you want from your ideal home and what issues are most important to you.
    • That’s where our Guide comes in handy – Hopefully you’ve done your ‘homework’.
  • Together with you and your Realtor, we visit the house. I’ll be looking for:
    • Does the house have ‘good bones’ to justify a reno?
    • Where is there potential for small changes that have big impacts.
    • Where are there possibilities for larger transformations – opening it up and letting in light, enlarging the home, creating a rental suite, etc.
  • After the viewing, we’ll meet over a coffee nearby and I’ll share what I’ve seen. Specifically:
    • How well does this house meet your needs and wants?
    • How easy will it be to renovate?
    • What kind of reno makes sense?
    • How long might it take?
    • What kind of budget will you need?
    • Zoning and Building Code issues that you need to consider.
  • Finally, you will receive a written summary of our Renovation Potential Review.

What does this cost?

Your first Pre-Purchase Reno Review costs $400. If you don’t buy the first house we look at, we charge only $200 for any subsequent Reno Reviews of other properties. We want you to make the right decisions before you buy.

Your Pre-Purchase Reno Review can be FREE

The full fee is credited towards the next step in planning your reno if you choose to continue to work with us after you buy your home. I’m confident that you’ll appreciate that the value and savings I can bring you will far outweigh the cost of our services.
Take the first step today and let us know that you’re in the market for a home with reno potential. We’ll make sure that you’re on our list so that we can respond quickly when you find the right house.
Call or email Daniel Hall, O.A.A. at 416.504.0405 or