Modular Design Can Be So Much More

Kim-Marie Degenkolb |

Modular Home

Modular design - also known as prefabricated design - is most commonly found in small, residential homes. While modular design has been around for quite some time in Europe, North America is just starting to explore the possibility. Compared to traditional on-site builds, there are countless benefits to considering modular technology when building your home. Here are a few of them:

  1. Higher Quality Construction

    Modular homes consist of many smaller units, also called modules. These units are carefully constructed in a factory and later joined together on-site, creating better conditions for high quality construction.

    Higher Quality Construction
  2. Cost and Energy Efficient Green Design

    Generally speaking, more care in the construction process is associated with improved levels of energy efficiency. Besides the financial savings you gain from living in a more energy efficient home, the assembly cost of a modular build is often 10-20% less compared to traditionally built homes.

    Higher Quality Construction
  3. Fast Assembly

    The factory conditions in which the units are built eliminate many of the risks associated with on-site construction, including unfavourable weather conditions and material transportation. Once the units are assembled, the actual site assembly often takes less than a day depending on the design. This results in less hassle for you and your neighbours!

    Fast Assembly
  4. Modern Design

    With a customizable interior design and high quality, durable materials the modular units are guaranteed to have a sleek and modern look.

Our office is currently working on some very exciting laneway projects in Toronto that are designed to be modular. If you are interested, check them out on our Laneway Housing page!