Meet our team of green architects and designers in Toronto, ON

Our team of Green Architects and Designers specializes in creating Healthy Green Homes & Green Offices filled with light & fresh air. Contact our Green Architects and Designers at The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc., to enquire about our Green Home Design & Energy Efficient Home Renovation Services in Toronto.

  • Daniel Hall - Architect at The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc.


    Daniel Hall, O.A.A.
    • As a licensed Carpenter and Architect, Daniel brings a unique perspective from his 15 years hands-on experience building prior to 19 years and counting in architecture. He has a deep rapport with builders and is adept at drawing on the knowledge and skills of the tradespeople that will be building your new premises.
    • Like all of the team at TABC, Daniel is passionate about green design. He will advise you on the best approaches, materials, and decisions to ensure that your finished offices are healthy, welcoming spaces, keeping in mind the impact on budget and schedule.
  • Fred Thompson - Senior Design Associate at The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc.

    Senior Design Associate

    Fred Thompson,
    M.R.A.I.C., Professor Emeritus
    • Fred Thompson has designed a wide variety of buildings and taught student s of architecture on 4 continents. His portfolio of built works include: Offices, Medical clinics, Bakery and Restaurants, Apartment buildings, single family housing, and a Japanese Temple.
    • Over the course of his 40 year career, Fred has designed buildings in Canada, Sweden, Finland, England, Australia, Thailand, and Japan. Many of his local projects have involved the restoration and adaptative re-use of century old masonry buildings. His innovative work in the village of Elora provided a new tourist destination with the creation of the boardwalk along the Grand River gorge. By excavating the old foundations of the Mill street buildings, a entire new stretch of retail and commercial spaces were created with unique access from the boardwalk.
  • Salvador Altamirano - Senior Designer at The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc.

    Senior Designer

    Salvador Altamirano, B.Arch.
    • With a combination of over 12 years of experience in architectural design in Canada and Mexico. Salvador's design skills, construction knowledge, project experience, and aesthetic sensibility will ensure that your project will meet all your needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way.
    • Salvador has worked on many residential, commercial, and healthcare projects. He has experience working in office interior projects including some highly visible designs for BBVA Bancomer bank in Mexico, the Ontario Association of Architects Head Office retrofit and interior offices renovation, and the Japanese Cultural Centre exhibition hall among others.
  • Aisha Hassan - Senior Designer at The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc.

    Senior Designer

    Aisha Melodie Hassan, B.Arch., T.M.M.O.B.
    • Aisha brings an intuitive design approach to the TABC team by bridging her knowledge in Geomancy, Energetic Earth Healing & Anthroposophy with her expertise in sustainable & healthy building design. She has a firm belief that green design has the capacity to transform our living environments and heal our Earth.
    • As a licensed architect in Turkey with over 17 years of international design experience on a wide range of projects including a housing community constructed with straw-bale and stone walls using natural clays and lime plasters, Aisha can guide you through an engaging design process that opens up new possibilities for bringing vitality & sustainability to your home or office space.
    • In addition to practicing in the field, Aisha taught architecture and environmental control/ sustainable systems courses for several years at a University in Izmir, Turkey.
  • Greg Papp - Architectural Technologist at The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc.

    Architectural Technologist

    Greg Papp, B.A., B. Arch [Tech]
    • Greg has worked as a Technologist with TABC Inc since 2012. In addition to his technical assistance with the preparation of construction documents, Greg is heading up the team that offers audits and design assistance with retro-fitting existing buildings to be more accessible.
    • As a member of the Standards Development Committee For the Built Environment and the subsequent Technical Advisory Committee, Greg helped establish the principles and regulations that will usher in a more inclusive barrier free Ontario over the next few years. He draws on insights gained from his committee work, and his own experiences, to transcend the minimum barrier-free requirements when addressing accessibility challenges in our designs.
  • Siqi Cao - Co-op Architectural Technologist at The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc.

    Co-op Architectural Technologist

    Siqi Cao
    • A soon-to-be graduate of the Architectural Technology Co-op Program at Sheridan College with a bachelor's degree in Construction Management Tianjing Chengjian University in China, Siqi is an enthusiastic student who offers a strong technical background in drafting and 3D modeling to our team.
    • Her work experience as a CAD technician with an exposure to coordination with project managers and carpenters has enriched her ability to assist with a cohesive and efficient project execution.
    • Siqi looks forward to learning more from her co-workers and enhance her professional skills.
  • Hannah Spasov - Junior Architectural Designer at The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc.

    Junior Architectural Designer - Currently on Sabbatical

    Hannah Spasov, B.Arch
    • Hannah has recently returned to the University Of Waterloo School of Architecture to pursue her studies towards a professional Masters Of Architecture.
    • Throughout her time studying, she has had the opportunity to work around the world in countries such as the Netherlands and Italy and has gained experience with several residential, commercial, and educational projects.
    • Her work with The Architect Builders Collaborative includes green residential design, developing laneway housing prototypes, and work on a Haliburton lodge.
  • Herry Chen - Co-op Architecture & Engineering Student at The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc.

    Co-op Architecture & Engineering Student

    Herry Chen
    • As a dedicated architectural engineering student at the University of Waterloo Co-op Program, Herry is excited about being involved in the design of efficient green buildings within his local community.
    • Herry's studies in both civil engineering and architecture, engagement in design competitions, proficiency in drafting and rendering technology, as well as his research in clean & efficient building technologies offer a great combination of skills to our team.
    • Herry hopes to expand his knowledge in both architecture and engineering as he continues his pursuit of smart, green, and sustainable design.