Meet our team of green architects and designers in Toronto, ON

Our team of Green Architects and Designers specializes in creating Healthy Green Homes & Green Offices filled with light & fresh air. Contact our Green Architects and Designers at The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc., to enquire about our Green Workplace Design & Energy Efficient Office Renovation Services in Toronto.


Daniel Hall, O.A.A.
  • As a licensed Carpenter and Architect, Daniel brings a unique perspective from his 15 years hands-on experience building prior to 19 years and counting in architecture. He has a deep rapport with builders and is adept at drawing on the knowledge and skills of the tradespeople that will be building your new premises.
  • Like all of the team at TABC, Daniel is passionate about green design. He will advise you on the best approaches, materials, and decisions to ensure that your finished offices are healthy, welcoming spaces, keeping in mind the impact on budget and schedule.