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Great design is Benefits of Green Design

  • Sustainable choices for healthier living.
  • Elegant, modern design that nurtures the human spirit.
  • Sustainable design means more than simply using less of the earth’s bounty.
  • Green design is built into every project in the same way that sound structure is.

Loose Fit for a Long Life

  • Flexible spaces grow and change with you.
  • Understanding your needs and anticipating change.
  • Building only what you need, when you need it.
  • Smart design saves money by making better use of your space.

Healthy Green Workplaces

  • Choose finishes and materials that do not emit harmful gasses.
  • Encourage natural ventilation.
  • Maximize natural daylight.
  • Calm, nurturing spaces within the workplace.

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  • Affordable Laneway Suites - A Win For Owners & Tenants

    interior designers in Toronto

    While laneway suites in Toronto are gaining popularity, many owners are deciding to rent out their newly built units. What many don’t know is that the city has an Affordable Laneway Suites Program that can help you with the cost of building your project. Not only is this a great way to enable your dream of building a laneway suite, but it is also a way of ensuring lower-income tenants can find an affordable home within the city.

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  • Tiny House, Bright Future

    Green Art and Culture Spaces by The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc.

    Two years after passing the Laneway Suite by-law into effect, the City of Toronto is again looking to the city’s backyard spaces to provide housing options. Garden Suites are similar to Laneway Suites: a living accommodation contained within a smaller detached accessory building typically located in the rear yard, providing a separate and self-contained unit exclusively for the occupant—but with Garden Suites, no laneway required! By summer 2021, backyards that satisfy the city’s Garden Suite zoning policies should have the option to build a tiny home - a crucial next step to unlocking Missing Middle housing options across the city’s ‘Yellowbelt’ of low-rise residential Neighbourhoods.

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