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Great design is Benefits of Green Design

  • Sustainable choices for healthier living.
  • Elegant, modern design that nurtures the human spirit.
  • Sustainable design means more than simply using less of the earth’s bounty.
  • Green design is built into every project in the same way that sound structure is.

Loose Fit for a Long Life

  • Flexible spaces grow and change with you.
  • Understanding your needs and anticipating change.
  • Building only what you need, when you need it.
  • Smart design saves money by making better use of your space.

Healthy Green Workplaces

  • Choose finishes and materials that do not emit harmful gasses.
  • Encourage natural ventilation.
  • Maximize natural daylight.
  • Calm, nurturing spaces within the workplace.

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    Design for diversity

    Many parts of our beautiful city are unfortunately not designed for people with disabilities. Those individuals encounter many roadblocks along the way - from finding a job, a community, and last but not least accessible housing. It is important for the construction industry to increase awareness and go beyond regulations when it comes to design for disabilities. Architects may be able to borrow some tools from the digital design industry, which has made many advances on this front.

    Especially when designing rental housing, it is important to design with a more inclusive mindset and envision a diverse pool of potential residents. We have to consider present, as well as future residents' needs to ensure the building can adapt throughout its life. Buildings aren’t a single-use object, and their ability to adapt to a variety of residential needs is limited only by our foresight.

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    2020 has been an upheaval where the presence of COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the ever growing climate crisis have seeped

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