Laneway Housing is here in Toronto

We are excited by the possibilities of Laneway Houses in Toronto to create more affordable, net-zero housing. Our Green Architects and Designers in Toronto have developed three prototypes that will fit most laneway sites and common needs, which can be easily made into net-zero or better. If your interested and want to learn more about Laneway Housing, please Contact The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc. for more details.

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Some common questions our clients have about Laneway housing in Toronto:

  • Can I build a laneway house on my lot?
  • Can it be fully accessible?
  • Can I keep my parking spot?
  • What will this cost to build?
  • What about Solar power and Net-Zero homes?
  • What makes it eco-friendly?
  • Can I get funding to make it affordable?
  • How will it adapt as our needs change?

The top 4 reasons people want Laneway houses in Toronto:

interior designers in Toronto

Learn more about Laneway Housing in Toronto at a Seminar near you.

$40 at the door
Save $20 with pre-registration
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Date Location  
Friday November 8th @6:30pm CSI Annex - 720 Bathurst St Register Here
Tuesday November 12th @6:30pm CSI Annex - 720 Bathurst St Register Here
Coming soon Riverdale  

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We have developed three prototypical designs for Laneway Houses that can be easily adapted to most laneway sites. You can choose from one of 3 types - The "Classic Coachhouse”, The “Garden Cottage”, and The “Bungalane”. What’s different about our research is our core focus on green design. In particular, we are showing that Net-Zero laneway houses are not only possible, but practical to build, and that even a Passive House or Living Building Challenge certified ultra green laneway house can be achieved.


Guide to Planning Your Laneway House from The Architect Builders Collaborative.

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